PimpAndHost Review

Can’t find PimpAndHost? That’s probably why you’re here, because this popular image hosting and sharing porn site has been deindexed by Google and other search engines for being too controversial, which is actually a cool thing to be banned for. That’s how you know a porn site has really good shit.

In this PimpAndHost review, we’ll discuss what it is, what features you can look forward to, whether it’s a safe site, and more. Most importantly, we’ll also reveal how you can find the PimpAndHost website no matter which search engine you’re using.

What is PimpAndHost?

It’s a pornographic image hosting and editing site and community, all in one. How it works is simple enough— browse porn content (images, gifs, and galleries), submit your own stuff, and talk to other people at the forum. Here’s a closer look:

While a lot of the photos here are user-submitted amateur porn, there’s also a “Pornstars” section featuring adult actresses like Emily Bloom, Diamond Jackson, Ai Takeuchi, and more. So that’s a nice mix of explicit images from both real amateurs and professional porn stars.

The site is also loaded with high-quality fake nudes. Browse fake celeb nude photos, doctored porn scenes, or even request customized fakes featuring your favorite sluts from other forum members.

Aside from images, PimpandHost also has thousands of porn gifs. Each one’s a couple of seconds long, featuring cumshots, fantastic angles of hardcore missionary, anal, and pretty much every other kind of porn you could imagine.

Need a break from all that porn? Click over to the site’s forum, which is as basic as they come so it’s very easy to navigate.

Inside, there are all sorts of threads like the Showoff Room, where you can share content like images and gifs you created. You can join different niche groups, such as ones dedicated to images of female slaves, flogging, cute boys, small penis, redheads, or posting pics of your gf.

PimpAndHost also has a very active support forum for anyone experiencing technical issues with he site, or for people who want to leave feedback for the owners, like a suggestion box. The admins are very active and always listening to users thoughts, ideas and options about how to improve the site!

Being one of the older image hosting sites on the web, the site is a literal treasure trove of porn. While there are no videos here, there’s enough explicit images and gifs to keep you scrolling for a long time.

The forum is also a great way to spend time in between faps. You can also use the site to build your own porn collection, because the photos and gifs are downloadable.

Getting Around PimpAndHost

You’ll have no trouble navigating the site because everything is straightforward. You’ll find all the main features on top of the page. The most prominent one is the “Upload” button, which you can use to upload or submit images from your computer or a URL.

Next to that is the “Explore” button, which lets you browse the site using filters like:

After that, you have the GIFs, Live Sex (live porn cams), Posts, and the Forum.

The categories on PimpAndHost range from the common ones like big boobs, mature, lesbians, teens, and BBWs, to the unusual like Jellyfish and Yam Yam. One thing’s for sure: things can get really hot and freaky on PimpAndHost.

The “Users” tab is another interesting section, since it shows a list of registered members and their activity, such as how many posts they’ve made, the number of images they’ve uploaded, their followers, etc. If you like their content, you can follow them and explore other content they’ve submitted on the site and forum.

Is PimpAndHost Free?

Yes, browsing the images, gifs, and forum threads are totally free! However, some functionalities are reserved for registered users. Signing up will allow you to:

You only need to provide an e-mail and password, so signing up takes less than a minute. But is it worth it?

Fuck yes. You get to do so many more things with a FREE account versus just lurking on the site. For instance, you get:

Basically, a free PimpAndHost account gives you a personal adult content playground!

How to find Pimp&Host on Google?

Like many people, you’re probably here because you tried to Google “pimpandhost” and failed to find the site. The site has actually been deindexed, which means it won’t show up on any search results.

Why? Because Google, Yahoo, Bing, FireFox, and other search engines have found its content to be offensive. One reason is that PimpAndHost allows users to uploaded almost anything, so inevitably, there will be some content that’s more controversial than usual.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter that it’s been deindexed because finding the site is actually very easy. Just type “” into your browser, and you’ll land straight on the front page.

This trick will work for any search engine and on incognito. You can also just bookmark the address on your laptop or phone.


Is PimpAndHost Safe?

Despite getting deindexed, PimpandHost is rated “Safe” on Google Safe Browsing. It also has a very high trust score on Scam Adviser. So yes, PimpandHost is a pretty safe site.

They do link out to 3rd party live sex cam providers, in the “Live Sex Cams” section but not to worry. Every single one of those has been personally vetted by the PimpAndHost team, so you’re sure they’re both super hot and safe to use.

Final Thoughts on PimpAndHost

PimpAndHost definitely delivers on its promise as an image hosting and sharing site for porn. It’s easy to browse explicit images and gifs, and you can create an account if you’d like to upload content or become active on the in-house forum.

While search engines like Google have deindexed the site, you can reach it by typing “” into your browser. Don’t worry about the site being banned, because it’s totally safe— even Google says so!

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